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Feb 03 2017

Otis 4 Week Ampuversary 2/3/17

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Tommorrow,  (Friday), will be Otis’ 4 week Ampuversary!   He has been doing so well.  I’m always worried that all of the sudden there will be bad news.

Tonight I took him outside and well my boy, who never really hiked his leg, decided to hike his leg.  Good thing I saw him do it and almost tip over.  I was like  what are you doing, put that leg down lol.

Took Otis to his regular vet for a CBC yesterday.  This was requested by TUFTS for a 10-14 days after his first chemo, check.  I will get the results tomorrow.

Otis is going back to TUFTS on 2/9/17 for his 2nd round of Chemo.

Here he is being lazy tonight.


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Jan 28 2017

Otis’ 3 week Ampuversary! 1-27-17

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Otis seems to be doing great.  His incision scar is the nicest I’ve seen.  That surgeon from TUFTS really knew how to close after surgery.

He is being tapered off of Gabapentin and Rimadyl.  I’ve already tapered him off Tramadol.   He seems much more present, begging when we eat dinner and guarding the house if he hears a peep outside.

Sometime I call him Justice or Judge.  Nothing goes on in the house without him running to take care of it   Tonight hubby had a glass of soda on the bookcase and one of our cats went to jump and I yelled watch out and the cat leaped right over the glass without knocking it over.   However Justice came running to see what was going on in his house.

Otis did fall backwards off his big barker today because he was laying with his back on the edge of it and the cat was snuggling and rubbing all over his face    When he pulled away from the cat he kind of violently rolled off the bed and wham onto his amp side.  He laid there not moving, not even a blink.  Finally I called him and he got up.  I think he scared himself.   When I looked later, he has a big bruise on his amp site 🙁  I feel so bad as I saw it may happen but realized I have to let him figure things out for himself while I’m working from home so he will be safer when I go back to the office.

Here he is running.  He’s like a racehorse, if only for a few minutes at a time.



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Jan 20 2017

Otis 1st Chemo today 1-19-17 at TUFTS

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Otis had his first round of chemo today.

Driving home from TUFTS I notice Odie had moved way up almost next to me so I took a selfie of him. He looks so comfy.


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Jan 19 2017

Otis and His Cat Brothers

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Our Ragdoll Axl snuggling with Otis.  Axl never really goes near Otis so this is amazing.

Our Ragdoll Ulysses and Otis are buddies, however this is the first time since his amputation, that we have witnessed Otis allowing Ulysses to be near him.

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Jan 17 2017

Otis’ Temporary Yet Cute T-shirt

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Well we found that if Otis wore our T-shirts, he would pee on them when he went outside.  So we started using our daughter’s size medium shirts.

After a quick search, this is the only shirt that wasn’t girly shaped and tiny.   Our daughter also wears small sized shirts so mediums were harder to find.  Otis ended up with a purple tshirt with kittens in a fanny pack on it lol

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